Date: 2013
Client: FlashSticks
Role: Lead Designer - Sixth Story



FlashSticks offer a unique and fun way to learn a new language through post-it notes accompanied with an augmented app. The company were in need of a responsive eCommerce website and video commercial as they sought to enter their product into popular high street stores. 


I lead the design of the responsive website which was also built in house. Competitors were difficult to come by with such a unique product so instead I turned my attention to researching around eCommerce best practice. Style tiles helped generate a range of visual styles and reinforce thinking about visual direction with the client before designing anything. The project involved me working alongside developers and quite often chipping in with some front end work. 

I also stepped into the role of a project manager for the video commercial (see video below) working alongside an external production company. This involved sourcing actors, organising and finding locations and ensuring everything ran like clockwork. A photographer was also used on location which gave us great imagery to use on the website. 

Style tiles helped set the overall visual style but also get sign off from the client before designing anything.

Final responsive design at the smallest breakpoint

Final responsive design at the largest breakpoint

Final video commercial.