CBBC app icons



As more apps were being internally created or externally commissioned, we were finding ourselves spending a large amount of time designing bespoke app icons. Looking at CBBC's presence within the app store, there wasn't much consistency with our suite of apps. I set out to create a consistent style for all of our app icons and create ways in which to reduce the overhead in creating them. This in turn would allow us to focus more on the games than having to think about how an app icon will look.  


The idea was to create something that was fitting with CBBC's visual identity making it instantly recognisable for children. The final icon incorporated the CBBC logo along with the characters that feature within each app. I created a sliced photoshop file containing a smart object that would output all required sizes for Apple and Google app store submissions. This enabled designers or editorial teams to create an app icon within minutes.

Various app icons created for CBBC games using the visual style and Photoshop file I created. Please note: not all these icons we're created by me.

Photoshop file I created to easily export all sized icons for Apple and Google app store submission.