BBC GEL patterns


GEL is the BBC's shared design framework that enables all BBC UX Designers to create consistent and delightful experiences across all of our digital services. Maintaining consistent UX is vitally important for the BBC. Prior to GEL, many BBC websites were designed differently, resulting in a confused online experience. GEL’s introduction in 2010 brought some much needed consistency and consolidation. It standardised our foundations. 

Over the last 3 years I have been contributing to the BBC's Global Experience Language with patterns that can be re-used across the entire online estate. These patterns have usually been linked to projects I have worked on where user testing was carried out to justify their inclusion. Patterns I've created include a click to reveal drawer (nicknamed the 'pocket'), an accordion, a numbered pagination as well as contributing to the BBC's global typographic styles.

Pocket pattern

Accordion pattern

Typographic hierarchy

Numbered pagination pattern